Louise Labe

love in shades of grey
an unusual love story by Glynne MacLean
Louise Labe

Louise Labé was born in the 1520s in Lyon France and lived during the full flowering of the French Renaissance. Her father was a well-off rope-maker and ensured that Louise received an excellent education. She was a passionate woman who excelled as a musician (vocal and lute), in languages (Latin, Spanish, Italian, and Greek), sport (fencing and riding) and as a writer and poet. She was the first woman to write a sonnet sequence in French and not only was her poetry widely read in her lifetime but is also reputed to have influenced renowned male poets of her time.

To read Louise Labé's Sonnet VIII click here. For further reading and a detailed examination of Louise Labé's life and works read Yvonne Finnegan's Essay Louise Labé: Poet of Merit or "Plebeia Meretrix"? click here.



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