The Time Stealers

A Nitty Gritty Novel published
by Pearson Education.
ISBN 978: 1-86970-646-3

The Time Stealers Cover

by Glynne MacLean

"Has anybody ever wondered where we came from?"

Jaz snorted. "Hello? We come from here."
"No, I mean before here. Before this city was established. Why we're different form the rest of the country?
Why our calendar is different? Where the Drift-ins come from..."

Yakkity, yakkity, yak. If it weren't for his self-obsessed ex-girlfriend Jaz, Neil Jarvie would be entirely happy with his life in Tal. Sure there were probably more manicured trees than there were people, but the surveillance net was so thorough you always find any person, or place or information you wanted on your mobile. Except, oddly enough, about the history of Tal.

And now he had a time traveller on his hands. He'd thought it would be interesting to help out a Timer, but this one seemed obsessed with her own history, as well as being ridiculously paranoid about surveillance....

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