love in shades of grey
an unusual love story by Glynne MacLean


Femme July/August 2004 pg 59


Penguin NZ

Love in Shades of Grey is an unusual love story that centres on Claire, a very strong willed woman who has everything going for her: a devoted husband, a great home in Wellington, and the possibility of the job of her dreams.

But suddenly her health begins to deteriorate, and the week that she finds out she has been commissioned to write a full length opera to be performed in Italy, her life falls apart. She finds out she is dying, her husband is killed and she is left without the money to pursue her dream.

But disability and death aren't going to stop Claire. Moving to Australia, she becomes a prostitute in order to pay her bills while she works on her opera. Determined as she is however, Claire finds working in the sex industry very difficult, the faces of her clients and their groans and sweaty humping forever burned into her memory.

So when the opportunity to enter into a sexual contract with one man only is offered, Claire readily agrees, even though she must abide by his very strict terms, After all, she has nothing to lose. Or does she?

An unusual love story with well defined characters, Love in Shades of Grey is an insight into the seedy underbelly of big business, the sex industry and murder by award winning New Zealand author Glynne MacLean. You will find yourself gripped by the story of Claire from the very first page.




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