love in shades of grey
an unusual love story by Glynne MacLean


The Wellingtonian July 15 2004

A love story about living


"I HAD been disabled for years, ever since the strokes. One day about three years ago I sensed the wafting odour of death unfolding about me. I went back to the neurologists. They said, 'too late, it's just a matter of time. One year, maybe two, you certainly won't have three'." (excerpt from Love in Shades of Grey).

Wellington author Glynne MacLean says her latest book, Love in Shades of Grey,is about not dying. The idea sprung from observing her uncle who was diagnosed with cancer and given three months to live. Years later the hospital where he was an outpatient affectionately called him "the noxious weed," something he was very proud of.

"He said nobody can judge how much time you've got," says MacLean. The book's central character Claire, is told she has three years to live, at the same time as she is commissioned to write an opera.

"Claire then decides to set aside her own values because she won't have to live with them. She [later] has to come to terms with the fact that she may have a future."

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The book is written wholly through the eyes of Claire who has only one focus - finishing her precious opera before her time is up.

Her first published novel was the young adult science fiction book, Roivan, but MacLean says she actually wrote Love in Shades of Grey first. The sequel to Roivan is underway. Until then her adult readers will be more than happy with the twists and turns of Love in Shades of Grey.

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